1. Given the site has long been the subject of development proposals, do you agree it is important for it to be brought back into a meaningful use?

YesNoNot sure

2. In the context of the increasing need for new homes in Hillingdon and across the capital, do you agree that a residential led development is an appropriate use for the site?

YesNoNot sure

3. What do you think of our approach to landscaping which includes a linear park running through the centre of the site, connecting a new urban square with the Green Belt land to the east?

Like very muchLikeOKDislikeDislike very much

4. What aspects of the plans do you like?

5. What aspects of the plans do you think could be improved?

6. Do you have any general comments to make on the overall plans?

Demographic information

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Reason for interest

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Age group

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I would like to be kept informed about proposals

Your enquiries and comments will be analysed by GL Hearn. Copies will be made available to the relevant planning authority so it can note your comments. We will, however, request that your personal details are not placed on the public record. Your personal details will be held securely by GL Hearn on behalf of Meyer Homes. in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, will be used solely in connection with the Hillingdon Gateway consultation and on behalf of Meyer Homes.